Accurate Machining Cycletime Estimating – THE KEY

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No matter what system you utilize to create your cost estimates and quotes … everything starts with an accurate machining cycletime estimate. The phrase … “Oh, that should take about two and a half minutes to machine.” … is doing more harm to your bottom line than you are probably even aware. This type of guesstimating … especially when it comes to machining cycletime … is throwing the whole cost estimating process that comes down the line into question.

If the machining cycletime estimate is not correct … you could be winning work … but unprofitable work. And that’s just what your shop doesn’t need … wasting time manufacturing parts that are losing you money. Taking machine time and employee energy away profitable work.

So what is the KEY to accurate cycletime estimating?

Having lived and “grown up” on the shop floor … we realize that the MAIN KEY to accurate cycletime estimating is to utilize the cutting conditions and parameters that can actually be reproduced on your shop floor … with your equipment.

It doesn’t do any good to estimate using an RPM or SFM and feedrate that your shop floor can never duplicate … or utilize a method of machining that your shop floor would never follow or duplicate.

Sure cycletime estimating software that has feature recognition and auto-determines the method of machining will get you a time quickly and get that estimate done quickly … but what good is it if your shop floor would never machine the part using the method the software determined?

Cycletime estimating software that boasts thousands of materials and speeds and feeds is expensive and seems powerful and complete … but if your shop floor can’t duplicate that “book knowledge” speeds and feeds … what good is it?


So Kentech’s KipwareCYC® software is different? How?

It certainly is … and I’m glad you asked.

First : 

KipwareCYC® is a database driven application … utilizing a user-defined database for machine specifications ( max RPM, rapid rates, tool change time, etc. ) and user-defined cutting parameters ( speeds, feeds for various materials and machining operations ). This insures that the calculated times accurately reflect what happens on your shop floor … the key to accurate cycleltime estimating. You create the database and input YOUR specifications and cutting parameters.

Second : 

Using the various outputs and travelers available from KipwareCYC® … the more you use the software, the more accurate it becomes. For example : the Routing Sheet that is automatically created from KipwareCYC® provides the operator / set-up personnel with a complete list of cutting parameters and times for each operation as the part moves through the shop. This means he has a targeted RPM, feedrate and time for each operation. If any of those factors cannot be achieved … a report back to the estimate creator will result in an adjustment to the database information … perhaps a revision to the SFM or feedrate or chip load used for a specific machining operation. Next time … the RPM and feedrate will be more accurate. So the more you use the software … the more accurate it becomes.

Ugh … Entering ALL that database information !!!

Actually … a couple of points that may have crossed your mind. First … we do ship KipwareCYC® with installed database information for common machines, materials and cutting parameters. But again … this is just to get you started … you really need to make the database information your own. Here is what we recommend.

Let’s say today you receive an RFQ for a 316 stainless part that requires some turning. You gather the machine specs for the lathe you’re going to use and grab the normal cutting parameters the shop uses for 316 stainless. One additional point here … most shops use a common insert that works well for them for specific machining operations … there really isn’t a need for a dramatic, all encompassing speeds and feeds database with info you’ll probably never use … let’s keep it simple and keep it real. So you enter that data and now … 316 stainless is done !! Next time you get an RFQ the info is all there and ready to go. With this system … you are building the database as you are preparing quotes and winning work !!! It’s a win -win … with long term benefits.

So … the moral of the story is?

No matter how you are arriving at your machining cycletime estimate … the one certainty is to insure that it is utilizing the cutting conditions and parameters that can actually be reproduced on your shop floor … with your equipment.

 If you are looking for a software application what will insure that key … we invite you to check out our KipwareCYC – Machining CycleTime Estimating software HERE.

Kenney Skonieczny – President

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